Apparently that is a term for "bird-watchers" this is what James Anderson writes in his Travel in Europe Blog has to say about twitching in Belize:
Another glorious attraction for twitchers is Crooked Tree Sanctuary in Belize (on the west side of the Northern Highway at Mile 33), featuring 276 species of waterfowl, as well as Morelet's crocodile, black bowler monkeys and otters and all Belize's species of freshwater turtle. This mosaic of lagoons is partly surrounded by the largest continuous stand of logwood trees remaining in the country. Especially in the dry season, which peaks in April, double-crested cormorants, egrets, herons and various ducks can be seen. In November the jabiru stork, the largest bird in the Americas, may arrive to build stick nesting platforms and raise its young by June. Crooked Tree also hosts the peregrine, the world's fastest falcon, which is powerful enough to grab an adult coot right out of the water. The Sanctuary is open every day.


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Ten Speed Racer gives us a delightful insight into the annual race that rocks the nation of Belize There is a lot of innocence still in Belize. I could feel the surging joi de vivre as Ten Speed acer took me from before during and after this spectacular even. Imagine 140 mile bike race. Wowiee. Do check out his original account. Just as I mentioned in my comments to his post, "I could really feel the rock star surge. Thank you for taking me there. All expenses paid.

If I'm still in the Americas in 2008 I'm definitely going to figure out how I can get right gear to get through customs and cheer the "V" team on. Hasta la vista, Ten Speed Racer."

(I'll be the only one speaking Spanish)

I'm definitely linking to this from the site I'm creating on Belize ( come check it out in a week or so when it's ready. :)

You Can Take it With You--But it's Gonna Cost Ya!

View from Mata Chica cabana
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Belize is attractive to English-only speakers in the US since Belize is officially an English speaking country. Masses in the US in general are still under the false impression that US dollars are worth something and in fact are worth a lot out side of the US. I appreciate what Kevin for publishing the words of Joe Bagent because it's indeed an eye opener. If someone from the US intends to live in Belize for an indefinite period of time and bring the trappings of his/her US lifestyle with him/her, then it indeed is going to cost because the lifestyle that is being imported is indeed foreign to Belize and therefore will be costly to maintain since the existing infrastructure doesn't support it cheaply

Map of Belize

Map and flag of Belize.

US Ambassador to Belize

Picture of Robert J. DieterBIOGRAPHY

Robert J. Dieter
Ambassador, Belize
Term of Appointment: 07/25/2005 to present

From the US State Department of State (April 3, 2007)

Professor Robert J. Dieter, Ambassador to Belize, was confirmed by the Senate June 16, 2005. Prior to his Ambassadorial appointment, he was Clinical Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He joined the faculty of the CU School of Law in 1979 after spending several years as a deputy district attorney and in private practice. At the Law School, he focused his work in the Legal Aid and Defender Program and taught criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence and trial advocacy.

In 2003, President Bush appointed Ambassador Dieter to the board of the Legal Services Corporation, which funds 163 legal aid programs around the nation to help low-income Americans gain equal access to the judicial system. In 2000, Ambassador Dieter served as a Presidential Elector for the State of Colorado. In 1996, Ambassador Dieter published Colorado Criminal Practice and Procedure, a two-volume overview and analysis of state and federal criminal law in Colorado. A second edition was published in 2004.

Ambassador Dieter served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation in Washington, DC, and Chairman of its Finance Committee. He has served in various positions in the Colorado Bar, most recently as a member of the Executive Council, Criminal Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association and Co-chair of the Criminal Section of Boulder County Bar Association.

Ambassador Dieter received his law degree from the University of Denver College of Law in 1972 and his B.A. from Yale University in 1968. He is married and has three children.